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Toronto wants to power its trash trucks with food waste

Toronto hopes to produce enough renewable natural gas to power most of its trash collection trucks
The city wants to create four new RNG facilities as part of its ambition to create a circular economy
Food waste is one of the world’s biggest contributors to greenhouse gases – we throw away a third of what we produce

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The plastic dilemma: half of the 348 million tons of plastic produced per year becomes waste

According to a report recently issued by Statista, the world is experiencing a severe plastic waste crisis, primarily due to the enormous amount of plastic manufactured and the state of plastic waste management. Globally, manufactures produce 348 million tons of plastic each year, compared to 1.5 million tons in 1950. In Europe, only 30% of […]

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HSBC Canada launches Green Finance products to support Canadian businesses

HSBC Bank Canada is supporting Canadian companies to meet their environmental and sustainability goals with the launch of new Green Finance products, the first of their kind in Canada aligned to the Loan Market Association’s Green Loan Principles. The new range – available for businesses of all sizes from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) through to large […]


Quebec: Food App to prevent food waste now at the IGA

FoodHero, an app that prevents food from being thrown out is now part of the shopping experience at nearly 200 IGA stores across Québec. The FoodHero mobile app offers advantages for both consumers and stores owners. It’s a simple concept: shoppers use the app to buy unsold products that are still perfectly good to eat, at prices […]


Halifax Regional Council considering extended producer responsibility program

In an effort to manage the cost of managing municipal solid waste generated within the Halifax, Nova Scotia regional municipality, the Regional Council is considering making package producers responsible the their waste. In a recent report from the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee the utilization of fees on package producers is […]

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Inter Pipeline and Alberta NAIT Announce $10 Million Research Project on Plastic Waste Reduction

Inter Pipeline Ltd., headquartered in Calgary, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (“NAIT“) recently announced a new partnership to research opportunities to reuse and recycle plastic in Canada. The ten-year agreement, known as Plastics Research in Action (“PRIA”), will be funded by a $10 million commitment from Inter Pipeline, which represents the largest applied […]

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Unintended consequences: How Environmentalism is becoming a luxury that poor and marginalized communities cannot afford

Written by Calvin Lakhan, Ph.D, Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University The title of this article may seem like a bit of “click bait”, but the topic itself is one near and dear to my heart, but is often neglected in conversations surrounding waste. How socio-economic inequality manifests itself in the form of impeded […]


GFL Environmental Inc. files for IPO, seeks to raise $1.5 billion

Written by Abimbola Badejo, Staff Reporter GFL Environmental Inc., a Toronto-based environmental services company specializing in solid and liquid waste management, hazardous and special wastes management and infrastructural services, has been rapidly growing its base since 2007 by acquiring environmental solution firms across Canada and abroad; and building its employee and customer base across North […]