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Basel Amendments Create Uncertainty In Global Plastics And E-Waste Markets

Written by Jonathan Cocker, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP After what seemed like a distant obligation in May of 2019, and overshadowed by an increase in plastic usage while managing the virus in 2020, the plastics amendments decision to the Basel Convention will take effect in January 2021 (the Plastic Amendments). Unfortunately, it seems that the Plastic Amendments provide more questions than answers […]


Hydrogen from Waste: Challenges, Government Actions, and Technologies

Written by Zoltan Kish, Ph.D., Quasar ScienceTech Many countries have taken an early lead in the hydrogen economy development. Canada can play an important role in sustainable economic development based on hydrogen. The global hydrogen market size was valued at USD 117.49 billion in 2019. Hydrogen has re-emerged as an exciting and potential long-term way to address climate […]


Cannabis And Waste: Another “Green” Opportunity

Written by Holly Sherlock, Talia Gordner, Ralph Cuervo-Lorens, McMillan LLP While the rapid growth of the cannabis industry in Canada has created new and exciting opportunities, this breakneck pace raises questions regarding the management of cannabis-related waste. Cannabis production generates a significant amount of waste in the form of almost all of the by-products of production, including […]

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Doing less, with more – Why the environmental performance of the Blue Box is decreasing over time

Written by Calvin Lakhan, Ph.D, Co-Investigator: “The Waste Wiki” – Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University Can recycling be bad for the environment? This is a question that I have posed to students in the past – almost universally, the answer has been a resounding no. For decades, Ontarians have been inundated with the […]

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Circular economy approach at Emerald Energy from Waste

Written by John Nicholson, Navdeep Randev, and Anastasia Jagdeo Circular Economy There has been much discussion on the term “circular economy” and the need for individuals, organizations, and governments to think in terms of circular economy.  In essence, a circular economy is one in which waste is essentially eliminated.  Prior to the modern age, humans […]


Why expanding the list of acceptable Blue Box materials hurts more than it helps

Written by Calvin Lakhan, Ph.D, Co-Investigator: “The Waste Wiki” – Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University Preface: For readers outside of Ontario, the Blue Box refers to the province’s residential recycling program for printed paper and packaging. What is being proposed? On October 19, 2020, Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks released […]

City of Hamilton charged for Odour Issues from Composting Facility

The City Hamilton, Ontario along with several contractors was recently charged under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act in connection with odour issues at its Central Composting Facility.  The specific charges are that the City, along with contractors for the composting facility, discharged or permitted the discharge of a contaminate (odour) contrary to the Environment Protection […]

StormFisher to Open Source Separated Organics Processing Centre in Southwestern Ontario

StormFisher Biogas, headquartered in London, Ontario, recently opened a new Resource Recovery Centre in southwestern Ontario.  The new facility, located in the Village of Drumbo, receives and processes municipal source separated organics and packaged food waste.  The incoming material is processed and is then supplied to either StormFisher’s anaerobic digesters in London or is sent […]

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Giant ‘vacuum cleaner’ leaves beaches microplastic-free

Conservationist group #SeaTheBiggerPicture Ocean Initiative (#STBP) and engineers from Matriarch Generic Engineering have developed a giant vacuum cleaner that picks up trash and sieves out microplastics from the beaches of Cape Town in South Africa. Called the Enviro Buggy, it sieve out microplastics, pieces of plastic that have broken down and now are smaller than […]