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Fun with Waste: ArtFest in Fort Meyers, Florida

The annual ArtFest Fort Meyers recently wrapped up its 2019 festival. Billed as southwest Florida’s premier art festival, 2019 event included a exhibit dedicated to waste and unique student art contest in which sculptures had to be composed of waste. Lee County Solid Waste Management organized the waste art exhibit entitled “We Are Overflowing” to […]

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Edmonton to trial curbside SSO progam

As reported in the Edmonton Journal, residents in 8,00 homes in Edmonton, Alberta will be participating in a source separated organics (SSO) trial program. Beginning in late February or early March, the selected households will place their organic waste in a separate bin for pickup. All the participating homes will receive a green cart. Half […]

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Nova Scotia amends rules to allow waste-to-energy projects

The Government of Nova Scotia recently gave the green light to waste-to-energy projects in the province. Nova Scotia’s solid waste regulations have been amended to allow thermal treatment facilities to turn plastic, cardboard and newsprint into energy. The changes clarify that the province considers energy recovery as waste diversion. All waste-to-energy facilities will require an environmental […]

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One Person’s trash is the New Government’s Treasure: Ontario stays the course on waste management in the “Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan”

by Erin D. Farrell, Jessica E.M. Boily and Liane Langstaff, Associate Lawyers, Gowlings WLG On November 29, 2018, Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government released “Preserving and Protecting our Environment for Future Generations: A Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan” (the Plan). The Plan comes on the heels of Ontario’s announcement to scrap the cap and trade program in Ontario, previously discussed […]

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Cost of Composting in Montreal Skyrockets

According to the Montreal Gazette, the City of Montreal’s City could have the most expensive waste composting operations in all of Canada.  Montreal’s 2019-2021 capital spending program shows that spending on the waste organics program is estimated to be $589 million. In the summer, a whistleblower that alerted the media of the high cost of Montreal’s […]

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Toronto Company developing technology to turn waste to bioplastics

Genecis Bioindustries, a cleantech start-up based in Toronto, is in the process of commercializing an anaerobic digestion technology that converts food waste to Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). PHAs are a unique types of plastics as they are bio-based (produced via microorganisms vs. petroleum based) and are also biodegradable.  PHAs (and bioplastics in general) are considered by some professionals in the […]

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Development of an Alternative Glass Market: Bio-Soil from Recycled Glass

The Regional Municipality of Niagara, Ontario recently reported on a research and development project that explored alternative uses for recycled glass.  The project was partially funded from the Ontario Continuous Improvement Fund, which is a partnership between the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the City of Toronto, Stewardship Ontario (SO) and the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (formerly Waste Diversion Ontario – […]

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Farm Boy Grocery to test on-site organic treatment system

Farm Boy Grocery is partnering with Food Cycle Science on a project that will test an on-site organic food waste mechanical/drying system.  As a way to extract lost value from waste, this project will show how a small footprint, on-site system can process organic food waste at grocery retailers to reduce handling, storage and transportation costs […]

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Plastic-eating enzyme discovered from Fungi

As recently reported by Kew Gardens in their first ever State of the World’s Fungi report, one species of fungi has been discovered that can break down polyester polyurethane.  The fungi was discovered in a waste dump in Pakistan by researchers. The fungus – Aspergillus tubingensis – degrades plastic by feeding on it. In lab experiments, Aspergillus tubingensis mycelia, or the branched, […]