Oxford County, located in southwestern Ontario, is almost one year into its pilot project to divert plastic farm waste from landfill and has successfully managed to collect and recycle 8 tonnes of plastic waste generated from County farms participating in the program.

The initiative was launched in June 2023 in response to data that found farmers in the county generated about 300 tonnes of plastic waste every year, but the county didn’t have an environmentally friendly way to dispose of it.

Oxford County provides collection bags to area farmers free of charge, which is collected at the Waste Management Facility for recycling. The agriculture program accepts silage bags, bunker covers, bale wraps, fertilizer bags, and salt bags (black, blue, and white) for $50/tonne. All materials must be reasonably clean and free of contamination. Materials must be sorted according to type, packed in appropriate bags, and tied up. Loose materials and materials with excessive dirt will not be accepted and categorized as garbage. Unacceptable materials include net wrap and twine mesh.

Oxford County farmers generate approximately 300 tonnes of bale and silage wrap annually. The pilot program will be expanded with more drop off locations as more farmers sign on.