Machinex, a Quebec based company, recently announced the installation of its Mach Hyspec® optical sorters in the newly built organics processing facility in Quebec City. The optical sorters are capable of extracting bagged organic waste making the Quebec City the first fully installed and operational organic recovery system in North America.

This Quebec City facility has the capacity to processes 250,000 tons per year of municipal solid waste (MSW) and extract 86,000 tons per year of organics material from co-collection.

At the heart of the system is MACH Hyspec® optical sorting technology from Machinex. The high-speed, short-wave infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral detection system identifies and extracts the purple organic bags for depackaging and further treatment. This innovative process sets the stage for the development of new end-products such as bio-pulp and fertilizer.

The technology in enhances waste management in that it allows for flexibility, future-proofs operations and facilitates proactive planning for shifts in regulations, economic factors and consumer behaviors.

The operation of the optical sorting equipment can be found here.

Source: Machinex