The Ontario Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) recently launched a ‘Where to Recycle’ map that displays locations across Ontario where the public can drop off used materials to be recycled, such as batteries, electronics, household hazardous waste (e.g., paint, antifreeze, pesticides), lighting and tires, for free.

Materials collected at these locations are reused, refurbished, recycled, or properly disposed of to help keep them out of landfill, recover valuable resources and protect our environment.

Locations for recycling Blue Box materials (e.g., glass, plastic, metal or paper packaging) are not displayed on the map because those materials are typically collected directly from residences. The ‘Where to Recycle’ map displays public locations for recycling materials that don’t belong in the Blue Box.

With more than 20,000 publicly accessible recycling locations across the province, the ‘Where to Recycle’ map makes it easy for Ontarians to find one nearby. Users can search by location, distance they’re willing to travel, location type, and/or the material they’re looking to recycle.

The webpage also contains helpful information about the specific materials that are accepted for recycling and other FAQs about recycling in Ontario.

In Ontario, the businesses that produce or supply batteries, electronics, household hazardous waste, lighting and tires are legally required to provide locations for the public to drop off used materials, then recycle the materials collected at those locations. RPRA is responsible for ensuring those businesses are properly collecting and recycling their materials across the province.

Source: RPRA