The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) is now accepting proposals for the following contract opportunity: Project 651-2021 – Guidance on Recyclability, Labelling and Terms. Proposals will be accepted until October 30, 2020, 12:00 noon CDT.

Ministers approved the Canada-wide Action Plan on Zero Plastic in 2019 (phase 1 action plan) and 2020 (phase 2 action plan). Together the two phases contain concrete actions to implement the Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste that ministers approved in principle in 2018. Two of these actions inform the Statement of Work of this request for proposals.

To address these two actions, CCME’s Waste Reduction and Recovery Committee (WRRC) Recyclability and Labelling Project Team seeks to develop guidance and reference materials to:

  • support sustainable designed plastic products and alternatives
  • improve understanding of product labels and terms that inform design, purchasing and end-of- life management of plastic products and
  • support actions by FPT jurisdictions, municipalities, industry (e.g., brand owners, producers, retailers, etc.), institutions, waste managers and the public to improve the consumption, recyclability and end of life management of plastic products in

The CCME is seeking a contractor that will do the following:

  • build on and refine a previously drafted reference compendium of existing guidelines for recyclability and
  • develop guidance on the use of labels and terms such as recyclable, compostable and biodegradable to facilitate common understanding and better inform purchasing, recycling or disposing of plastic products, including compostable plastic,

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) is the primary minister-led intergovernmental forum for collective action on environmental issues of national and international concern. The 14 member governments work as partners in developing consistent environmental standards and practices.

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