The City of Pointe-Claire, a suburb of Greater Montreal, is planning to conduct a Zero-Waste Challenge and is looking for eight households to participate. The challenge will involve the households adopting best practices for the management of household waste.

“This initiative is part of our collective desire to make Pointe-Claire a city dedicated to sustainable development, both through our municipal actions and the promotion of citizen practices that contribute to environmental protection,” stated Mayor John Belvedere in a news release.

From March to October 2020, the chosen households will have to come up with ideas and take concrete steps to reduce waste at the source, that is, from the moment of purchase. To do so, they will benefit from a coaching service and will rely on a diagnosis of their lifestyle, a realistic and appropriate target, tips and tricks and telephone support. A conference and workshops will also be offered: making home-made household and personal care products, and preparing zero-waste lunches.

To track their progress, the eight households will have to commit to weighing household, organic and recyclable waste every month for the seven months of the challenge.

“Everyone is invited to take part in this challenge, which is an opportunity to make a tangible contribution to protecting our planet by limiting the amount of waste that ends up in landfills,” Mayor Belvedere stated.

Households interested in taking part in the challenge have until February 5 to apply to City.