TerraCycle, a recycling company that focuses on typically non-recyclable waste, has partnered with a Wellness and Lifestyle boutique in St. Catharines, Ontario to collect and recycle health and beauty-related products.

Garden City Essentials, a beauty and holistic lifestyle boutique, is collecting packaging from health and beauty-related products to be recycled through TerraCycle.

The founder the Garden City Essentials, Jolene Antle, in an interview with Niagara This Week, said, “I feel like there’s an evolution that has to happen where people become more mindful of what they’re using, what they’re purchasing and I just really want to support that in my business. If I’m going to sell products, I also want to be a place where people can take things that aren’t recyclable.”

The boutique has four Zero Waste Boxes in the front window of the shop — one a free, Gillette-sponsored box collecting razor blades (of any brand), the other three she is paying for out of pocket to collect the remnants of products related to oral hygiene, beauty, personal care and cosmetics.

Terracycle collects the boxes and recycles them into new products.  The company has several lines of recycled merchandise is sells including flooring and carpeting, building materials, coatings and adhesives, cleaning and purification supplies, and home & garden goods.