Officials at the City of Laval have teamed up with rap collective Alaclair Ensemble in an effort to increase recycling rates in the municipality.

Alaclair, one of Quebec’s most acclaimed rap groups, were commissioned to write and perform an original song and video to inspire more citizens to recycle properly.

The group’s new song and video is called “Mets du respect dans ton bac” – roughly translated, “Put some respect in your bin.” It remains to be seen if there is a correlation between the song’s release and recycling rates in the suburb community of 422,000 north of Montreal.

According to a survey conducted by the city in 2017, more than half of the citizens put items in their recycling bin that should not be there, including plastic 6, clothing, toys, and plastic decorations.

In addition to the music video, Laval is distributing explanatory leaflets to every residence to help citizens better understand what is permitted in recycling containers.