The British Columbia community of Surrey has a fun way to educate its 518,000 citizens on its waste collection rules. Using an online game that is also available as an app, the Rethink Waste Sorting Game provides users with a game-type experience for learning on how to recycle and “what goes where”.

The City also has “Surrey Rethink Waste” app that is available for download for free mobile app by searching “Surrey Rethink Waste” in the app store:

  • Download it from Apple’s App Store
  • Get it from Android Market
Get it on Google Play

The Rethink Waste app allows users to quickly:

  • find waste collection set-out information
  • identify materials accepted for recycling, composting or disposal
  • find alternative disposal and recycling options
  • look up the Surrey Transfer Station location, hours of operation and disposal rates
  • access customer service phone numbers, and more.
  • play our Rethink Waste Sorting Game