A municipal Councillor from the City of Greater Sudbury is offering an incentive of cash to persons that help clean up his ward. Under Michael Vagnini’s plan, he will pay one dollar of his own money for every 10 pieces of trash picked up in his ward.

Sudbury Councillor Michael Vagnini

There are several catches to his plan. First, the cash does not go directly to the individuals who participate in the program. The money will be donated to the local food bank. Second, the upper limit of the donation is $1,000.

The Cash-for-Trash plan isn’t Councillor Vagnini’s only financial compensation plan. In the winter, he was pushing for the City to establish an emergency pot compensation program.

For persons interested in actually receiving cash for trash, the most popular one and perhaps easiest is to trade in an end-of-life vehicle to a scrap car dealer. Depending on the vehicle, one can score anywhere from $100 to $600.