Research and Markets, a market research company, recently released a research report that covers  global waste investments in 2018.  The report provides information on 1,896 current and future waste sector investments in 2018.  The Global Waste Investment Fact File 2018 includes markets where at least six separate investments have been identified. The 2018 Fact File includes an additional 14 countries compared to 2017’s edition, and highlights the growth of ambitious waste management targets in smaller markets across the world.

With data taken from Research and Markets Inc. proprietary business database, each country is detailed over two pages. The first provides summary data, highlighting population, GDP and estimated total waste generation, as well as tables covering data for projects located in the country. The second outlines details on the current and future status on these projects, along with a map to show their location, where known.

Included in the publication is a three-year outlook for the Waste, Bioenergy and Recycling markets, allowing the reader to see how investments will be affected through to 2021 and beyond.

In summary, the research report provides the following information:

  •  72 countries representing a combined investment value of US$130.8 billion.
  • Represents a crude average US$69 million per investment, although project values can fluctuate greatly, depending on the technology and designed capacity of each.
  • The majority of recent waste investment are concentrated in three particular areas – Europe, Asia and North America.
  • Smaller markets should not be overlooked, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Bahrain and Puerto Rico, for example.
  • Around 24% of the projects in the Fact File are operational, equal to US$38.6 billion.
  • Around US$10.3 billion of investment is due to become operational during 2018.

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