Softbox, a provider of temperature control packaging for the life science and logistics industries, recently launched a Green Recycling Service across the US and Canada.  The services demonstrates the company’s commitment to extended-producer responsibility.

The service for biopharma enables Softbox customers the ability to deal with packaging waste in an eco-friendly way.  The service is an all-inclusive, hassle-free, one-fee service that recycles used temperature control packaging systems (pallets, EPS foam, gel packs and corrugated components).

For biopharma customers, they simply pile all your used shipper components and contact Softbox when ready for a pick-up.  Softbox arranges for the collection of the shipper components and sends the shipment its recycling centre where the material will be turned into garden furniture, coat hangers, picture frames and other products.

“Softbox is highly committed to supporting its customers and providing cold chain packaging solutions that reduce waste and their impact on the environment,” said John Hammes, general manager of Softbox, US and Canada. “Our new Green Recycling Service allows us to go even further — by ensuring a sustainable alternative for ‘end of life’ temperature control packaging waste. Our US and Canadian customers can now significantly reduce their landfill impact and potentially reduce the cost they are paying today for non-sustainable waste. This programme will not only benefit Softbox’s green priorities, it will also help our BioPharma customers achieve their own sustainability objectives, reporting, and scores.

“With our exciting partnership now in place and serving several of our clients, our customers just need to make one phone call to Softbox, and we will arrange the collection and recycling of all their temperature control packaging waste — taking the time and effort out of their green initiative for just one cost-effective all-inclusive fee.”

About Softbox

Softbox is a temperature control packaging company that design and produces high performance passive temperature control packaging solutions.  The company has manufacturing sites throughout Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

The company has partnerships with pharmaceutical, clinical research, biotech and logistics companies, and works with clients to manage the Cold Chain when shipping temperature sensitive clinical trial and commercialized products.