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Montreal has approved construction of a $175-million composting plant

The City Council of Montreal recently voted to approve the construction of a $175-million composting plant in St-Laurent borough. Suez Canada Waste Services Inc. will build the facility. New provincial laws regulating odours added to the costs of the facility, said Coun. Émilie Thuillier, vice-chair of the city’s contract review committee. Thuiller also said officials […]

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Waste Audits: Why Statistical Significance is not a useful objective

by Calvin Lakhan, Ph.D., Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University One of the foremost issues with auditing approaches is the erroneous use of the term statistical significance. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard stakeholders from all sectors ask the question, “Was it a statistically significant sample?” A term many of […]

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Recycled Content Standards for Plastic Products Coming?

by Jonathan Cocker, Baker Mckenzie The attention currently devoted to plastics waste in both the public and private sectors is breathtaking. A growing number of international brands have made recycled content commitments for their plastic packaging and related containers. The European Union’s Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy has begun implementing changes to the EU Packaging and […]

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Using biosolids to revegetate inactive mine tailings

Vale Canada (a global mining company with an integrated mine, mill, smelter, and refinery complex in operations Sudbury, Ontario) has been working with Terrapure Environmental (an industrial waste management company) to utilize biosolids on its main tailings area. For over 100 years, tailings from the milling operation have been deposited in the Copper Cliff Central […]

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Ontario: Orphaned Eco-Fees Raises Legal Questions for Electronics Industry

by Jonathan D. Cocker, Baker McKenzie Ontario’s waste electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) stewardship obligations are being transitioned to a circular economy legal regime.  The government-overseen e-waste program is being wound-up and will effectively cease as of June 30, 2020. The program has managed to generate such a surplus of funds from consumers it otherwise would pay […]

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Provincial Environmental Obligations Prevail Over Federal Bankruptcy Laws – Supreme Court of Canada

by Paul Manning, Manning Environmental Law Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in the case of Orphan Well Association, et al. v. Grant Thornton Limited, et al.Orphan Well Association, et al. v. Grant Thornton Limited, et al.  The decision writes another chapter in the long running saga of whether a company’s environmental […]